Reminder from the Judges

Please show this note to your Parents and your Music Teacher

Stringed Instruments

Make sure your instrument is tuned!

Let the stage staff know, when you arrive, if you require a Music Stand…or in the case of a “Cello”, a chair.

Be well dressed…look confident…hold you head up!

No “Jeans” of any kind.

Shoes…No “sneakers” please.

You must remember that you are now on stage…a stage performer.

On your entry to the performance area, look at the Judges, and bow…slowly…then look at the audience and bow.

If you are a pianist

Make sure you feel comfortable when seated.

Staff will help with stool adjustments if you wish.

Make sure you can reach the pedals comfortably.

Try to relax…perhaps a quiet deep breath!!

At the end of your performance, stand, bow to the audience, then bow to the Judges. (Acknowledge your accompanist)

Walk confidently from the performance area.

(There is nothing like a little smile too!!)

Good Luck